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Speaking Topics and Workshops

Phyllis presents at conferences, sits on panels and speaks at both public and independent schools

Middle School Can Set You Up For Life

Your sweet kid suddenly turns into an unpredictable, moody tween or teen. And that’s just Monday. By the end of the week, you’re shell­-shocked and wondering what happened. In this interactive talk, Phyllis shows you that you’re not alone, and shares tips that will help you preserve your relationship with your child as you guide them through the ups and downs of middle school. Everyone can emerge with their sanity intact!

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Parents of Middle Schoolers, PTOs, PTAs, Middle School Teachers and Counselors

How Educators Can Bring Out the Best in Middle Schoolers

Phyllis provides an overview of the developmental phase and middle schoolers’ distinct needs. She shares best practices and evidence-based strategies, arming educators with a number of ways to connect with kids, build a positive culture and elicit students’ best work and behavior.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Administrators, teachers, coaches, counselors, school social workers and psychologists and anyone else who works with middle school students.

When School Is Your Workplace

Everyone wants kids to treat each other with kindness, and parents, coaches, mentors and educators are role models who can set the tone. The politics, the processes, and the mysteries of working in a school can be difficult to manage. In this talk, Phyllis helps you sort out the do’s and don’ts of life in the grown-up versions of middle school and offers tips and techniques for navigating a complex professional environment with success and grace.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Middle School Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors

Other Topics

Phyllis also has presented on a number of topics for parents and educators, including:
Creating a coping toolbox (stress and anxiety)
Mindful parenting and mindfulness in the school setting
Eliciting students’ best behavior
Educating sexually healthy students
Helping kids make smart, ethical decisions
How parents can help kids work through frustration (academics)
Raising and educating emotionally healthy tweens

IDEAL AUDIENCE: These talks can be geared toward parents or educators

Phyllis said that if we don’t teach our children about love, the outside world will do it for us. That is so true.

- Kim Saulsbery

School Counselor and Speaker

Phyllis Fagell is the kind of counselor every kid deserves. She loves her work and it clearly shows in her dedication to understanding her students' challenges and helping them manage their out-of-control emotions. I especially appreciate her effectiveness as a character educator and her understanding that relationship-building is the most important skill people need in their personal and professional lives.

- Annie Fox

Annie Fox, M.Ed. author of Teaching Kids to Be Good People

The feedback from counselors was excellent! Here are just a few of the comments: ‘Outstanding presentation. You should have her back!’ ‘The presenter was great—very engaging and hands-on.’ ‘This was one of the best presentations that I’ve been to in a long time!’ ‘This training was so useful. I’d love to have many more like this in the future!’ Thank you!

- Jennifer Hitchcock

Phyllis Fagell is my new go-to source for sage advice in child development. She speaks from the heart but also from real experience.

- Michele Borba

Educator, Speaker and Bestselling Author of Unselfie - Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in an All-About-Me World

I loved your presentation on how to build school-wide empathy through design thinking. You provided such wonderful ideas that I can take back to school and use immediately! Thank you for your out-of-the-box ideas in working with both traditional and non-traditional learners.

- Shannon Gruzeski

School Counselor Stanton Elementary Rockwood, School District Saint Louis, Missouri

We had a board meeting this morning and once again, everyone was raving about your talk. Would you be interested in coming back? I wasn't kidding when I told you how well-received you were. Everyone truly values your insight and would love the opportunity for another discussion.

- Ilana Tanowitz

Congregation Beth El

Let me reiterate that you were so amazing on Saturday. You are a talented woman! Thank you for your time and for giving us so many great things to think about.

- Tamara Snyder

Board Member, Zhava


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