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10 ways schools can improve workplace satisfaction

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The first installment of my regular column, “The Meaningful Middle,” for AMLE Magazine. Workplace satisfaction is complex—especially in schools — as seventh-grade English teacher Maggie knows well. She was intrigued by one of the items listed in her school auction catalogue. A family had donated a week at their vacation home in Arizona, and she raised her hand to make a bid. The principal was the auctioneer, and he addressed her in front of the crowd. “Maggie, how on earth can you afford that?” he asked. “You’re a teacher! “It was total public humiliation,” Maggie recalls. “I wanted to say, ‘if you think that, then maybe you don’t pay me enough.'” Here are 10 ways schools can improve their climate — and also what happened AFTER Maggie’s auction experience.

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Phyllis Fagell

Phyllis Fagell is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified professional school counselor and journalist.

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